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I just love the microneedling she does ♡ will make your skin radiant. Brenda is awesome too. Highly recommend!

Genee Czako

After years of having no eyebrows to now, is just so exciting. I worked with Brenda in the Nursing capacity. She was always educating herself, reading, and on the computer making sure her knowledge was current. So I totally trusted Brenda. She explained the procedure thoroughly. That there would be some discomfort and was attentive with my comfort level and what she was doing in every procedure. It was a great experience because she took the time to make it so. I can’t say enough about Brenda’s professionalism, her comfortable, sterile salon gave me the confidence and trust I needed to make that initial appointment. Love, Love them!. Brenda is a gift and a treat to all women looking to enhance their beauty!

Charlene Cecilia Dorval

I recently got eye liner done by Brenda. The facility is very clean , and great customer service. I would highly recommend.

Candace Greta-Hilda

I was a bit nervous at first but after my first consultation Brenda put me at ease. Love my new brows and would recommend Brenda for any of your semi permanent makeup needs. Thank you Brenda and it was a pleasure to meet you.

Cathy Beaven Shihinski

Look no further you have found the best clinic ever! This was above and beyond the best decision I have ever made! Brenda explains the procedure very thoroughly, the place is very, very clean, neat, and professional. I would highly, highly recommend Brenda to anyone and can’t wait to continue on my “Ageless Beauty Clinic journey” with many more Procedures!

Carin Emm

Brenda was absolutely fantastic. The consultation was extremely thorough. She followed through with my adaptations the day of the procedure. She is professional, follows strict health standards, and made it as painless as possible. The environment was very clean and comfortable. I would highly recommend Brenda for any permanent makeup!

Joni Kupka

Brenda is extremely professional and friendly. She worked with me to establish the perfect brows for me, and managed to also perform a
much needed colour correction. I highly recommend her for her skill and professionalism. I will go to her again.

Jessica Arial

Wonderful, professional, and extremely sanitary clinic. And a Nice job, Brenda.

Bernadette Kasa

Brenda’s attention to detail and professionalism are amazing. She takes her time to ensure the client is comfortable and her dedication is indicative of how much she loves what she does.

Leeann Royle

I recently had my thinning brows done by Brenda. The microblading procedure was explained to me prior, during and after the procedure including all the after care requirements. My questions were answered honestly. Everything was absolutely perfect. Brenda is a very pleasant and professional Lady.

Her clinic is beautifully decorated, bright and SUPER CLEAN. No entry into the clinic without using the hand sanitizing lotion- great practice. She made me very comfortable every step of the way. I was so comfortable I almost fell asleep during my procedure.

I am now the proud owner of a pair of perfectly shaped eyebrows YES!! Love love love my new brows. I would recommend the highly skilled Brenda to anyone who is looking for the perfectly shaped brows and all the other procedures she performs. Thank you Brenda.

Ann Phillips

Brenda is very friendly, professional and caring! She always made sure I was comfortable during my eyeliner and treated me with respect! Her office was clean and comfortable! Would highly recommend her:)

Amanda Remesoff

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