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Brenda Swanson

Semi Permanent Makeup Artist


My name is Brenda Swanson and I have been a Registered Nurse for over 30 years.  During those years I gained significant knowledge about our skin and Infection Control Practices.  I have found my Passion in helping others in building Confidence and Self Esteem as we have changes in our appearance.  I now focus my attention on offering the finest in Semi Permanent Makeup to my Clients at affordable prices.

For many years I too had my Eyebrows thinning and my makeup would wipe off halfway through my Nursing shift.  I know the confidence boost it gave me once the word Microblading came in to my life in 2012, which ultimately got me out of the door faster for my work day.  The following year I added Permanent Makeup (PMU) to my Lips, Eyeliner, and Microneedling Procedures.  I have never had any regrets to “WAKE UP WITH MAKEUP!”



I was privileged to Graduate from a 6-day intense training course in Permanent Makeup in November 2016 with Biotouch Canada in Vancouver. This course was lead by Lisa Zhang, a renowned Tattoo Makeup Artist and Doctor.  There I learned the true artistry of Permanent Makeup and how it is done.

I also was able to attend a 3 day ‘ELEVATE’ Masters Class November 2017 in Calgary.  This was a very intensive and demanding class for experienced Artists to seek Excellence in ourselves and our abilities.  In the Permanent Makeup World there is no room for mediocrity or lack of confidence.

In September 2018 I took a Full day Mapping Eyebrows course with Minx Brows, furthering the skill of drawing on symmetrical Eyebrows.

In October 2018 I flew to North Carolina for 3 very full days, 8 Seminars on: 

Microblading with TINA DAVIES, BLADE & SHADE.  In this exclusive class Tina Davies performed on a live mode, demonstrating the latest combo brows for the perfect amount of definition that all clients are looking for.  Highlights were:

  • How to get the perfect healed results 
  • How to layer microblading with shading
  • Colour selection

Another presenter was Ruben Kasper, better known as Brow Daddy.  He is a Certified Licensed Permanent Makeup Artist in Las Vegas, Nevada.  He spent the first part of his career as an owner of a salon in Germany before opening his business in the United States eight months ago.  His attention to detail and tips he shared with his live model for Ombre/Powdered Brows was Incredible.

Also another of my top favourite seminars was with the Master of the Perfect Stretch for Eyeliner, doing a live demo of Smokey Lash Enhancement, with the ‘Slayer’  Will Anthony.  Will is known for his natural, subtle approach to Permanent Cosmetics and has been in the  industry for over 20 years.  He utilizes his extensive experience to provide a unique and effective service that is unparalleled.  I learned a lot from his seminar and am very grateful to have shared a room with all of these talented Artists.  

ANGELA GATES-BEST PRACTICE OF SOFT NATURAL LIPS: presented on Lip Tattoos.  Lips are unique from any other area of the body. Unlike tattooing the skin on the rest of the body where what you see is basically what you get, lips can be tricky and fickle.  Special considerations need to be made for the colour, tone, temperature, and skin type.  In this seminar we covered best practices for tattooing lips to achieve the most natural results, as well as basic and advanced techniques. 

STACIE RAE WEIR – AREOLA REPIGMENTATION:  Stacie Rae found her passion by helping Men and Women that have suffered from breast cancer, by providing areola repigmentation following their mastectomy.  She has 22 years tattoo experience, which makes it easy for her to not only execute realistic 3D nipple tattoos, but to help others learn how to achieve realism in designing their tattoos.     

November 2018 I was very fortunate to attend another 3 day Course with world renowned Kristina Melnicenco from Russia.  We had full 12-16 hour days learning in the morning and working on live models in the afternoon into the evening all 3 days.  Here I was so excited to learn the newest techniques of Aquarrelle Lips, Ombre Brows, and Stardusting Eyeliner, aka Eyeshadow Eyeliner.  This course was designed for us as the Artists to improve our skills an expand the range of techniques and services.  I’m really excited to be part of a limited amount of Permanent Makeup Artists able to provide these techniques!  

My Ageless Beauty Clinic is located in Camrose, Alberta where I pride myself in giving each and every Client a look that they can really be proud of and the utmost comfort in knowing I follow Stringent Infection Control Standards, Inspected and Approved by Alberta Health Services.  I am enthusiastic about helping people boost their Confidence and Self Esteem.  I am patient and artistic and listen to my Client’s needs to help them achieve the look of their dreams with my experience and expertise.  I continue to perfect and learn the newest techniques in the industry at a very high cost, but no regrets.  I have taken many courses to better my skills and provide the ultimate Permanent Makeup experience for my Clients.

Permanent Makeup
Microblading | Combo Brows | Blade and Shade Brows | Bottom Eyeliner | Top Eyeliner | Top And Bottom Eyeliner | Stardusting Eyeliner | Powdered Brows |  Ombré Brows | Lip Procedure | Areola Repigmentation 
Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT)
Treatment For: Scarring | Skin Discolouration | Sun Damage | Age Spots | Clogged Pores | Fine Lines & Wrinkles | Deep Loose Skin

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