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Microneedling is one of the hottest new procedures in the beauty and health industry. A treatment that can finally offer solutions to long standing skincare issues such as scarring, pigmentation, sun damage, and those ever annoying wrinkles.

What is Microneedling?

As the name suggests, microneedling involves the use of tiny needles to create hundreds of invisible channels in the top layer of the skin. The micro-injuries created during this action trigger the body’s natural healing processes, resulting in cell turnover and increased elastin and collagen production. Collagen and elastin are the protein structures found in skin cells that create elasticity and firmness, which contribute to a youthful and healthy appearance. Microneedling is also referred to as Collagen Induction Therapy for this reason.

Now, I know tiny needles poking your skin doesn’t sound like a good time! However, you would be surprised to know how minimally invasive this procedure is. The device used cannot penetrate more than the first layer of skin, and a numbing ointment is is applied 20 minutes before the procedure to reduce sensation. All in all the procedure lasts about 20-25 minutes and there is no downtime, virtually no pain, and the side effects are minimal!

 A great example of what you can expect during a microneedling appointment

The most common side effect is red, slightly irritated skin for 2-3 days after the procedure. Results do vary however, especially if you are untrained and using a microneedling device at home- something we do not recommend.

Okay, Now That You Know What Microneedling Is, How Can It Help You?

Now that we’ve established microneedling is an effective and safe procedure, know it can treat the following skin conditions with great success:

Hyper Pigmentation & Sun Damage

Pigmentation is skin damage resulting in dark or light spots in the epidermis layer of the skin. Hyper pigmentation is similar, but causes dark spots and can reside in a deeper layer of skin tissue; the dermis.

Microneedling is an effective treatment for either condition, since it breaks up pigment under the skin’s surface so that the concentration isn’t as large or noticeable. Several appointments may be necessary to treat hyper pigmentation if it resides in the dermis.

Scarring & Acne Scarring

Microneedling treats scarring by gently breaking down old scar tissue under the skin’s surface. The body reacts by naturally healing the area with new skin cells, which visibly reduce the appearance of scars.

A 2009 study on the efficacy of microneedling determined: “36 patients (out of) 34 achieved a reduction in the severity of their scarring by one or two grades. More than 80% of patients assessed their treatment as ‘excellent’ on a 10-point scale. No significant adverse effects were noted in any patient.”

Stretch Marks

Yes, you CAN get rid of those stretch marks. Mirconeedling uses the same application to treat stretch marks as it does scarring. Many people have eliminated their stretch marks with microneedling.

Fine Lines & Wrinkles

As we mentioned earlier, microneedling triggers the production of collagen and elastin, which are the proteins that cause tightening and elasticity within skin cells. By stimulating your body to produce new skins cells abundant with these proteins, fine lines and wrinkles are reduced, effectively slowing and in some cases reversing the aging process!

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My name is Brenda Swanson and I’ve been a Registered Nurse for over 30 years. I am passionate about helping people boost their confidence and self esteem, and started my second career as a Semi Permanent Makeup Artist in 2016. As the owner of Ageless Beauty Semi Permanent Makeup Clinic, I continue to perfect and learn the newest techniques in the industry.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about microneedling, I would love to hear from you!