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1. It’s Kind Of Like A Tattoo For Your Eyebrows… But Fades Over Time

Basically, microblading is a form of semi-permanent makeup for eyebrows. It requires the use of a hand tool with specialized needles to deposit pigment under the skin. The needles create crisp, hair-like strokes resembling natural eyebrow hairs. The result is additional depth, shape, and colour in the brow area, exactly the way you want it.

The main difference between microblading and a tattoo is that microblading doesn’t last as long since the ink isn’t embedded as deeply. Touch ups may be required every 1-3 years, as the skin containing dye is naturally exfoliated within that time. The frequency really depends on skin type and other factors such as sun exposure, choice of color, skin cell regeneration, lifestyle, etc. These are all things we discuss at your consultation and consider before we begin any treatment

2. It’s A Great Option For People With Thin Or Missing Natural Eyebrow Hair

There’s lots of reasons people could benefit from microblading, but the main one is the restoration of full, natural looking eyebrows that don’t require daily maintenance.

A few years ago microblading became quite popular with women who wanted to achieve the Cara Delevingne look. Thick, full brows are still on trend, and microblading can give you that look. But for those who have very little or no eyebrow hair, microblading can totally restore a natural look, and self-confidence along with it.

Some of the common reasons people seek out microblading treatment include:

● patchy brows due to over plucking
● no brows
● ultra-faint brows
● alopecia
● …or just need a little help filling your arches in!

No matter what the reason, a skilled brow artist will be able to enhance your look with a customized treatment that suits your facial structure and personal preferences.

3. It’s Not Painful

Well, pain is relative so that’s not an absolute statement! But few people consider microblading painful. To lessen any potential pain, a numbing cream is applied before the procedure. Full desensitization is not usually required since microblading only penetrates the first few layers of skin. It doesn’t trigger as many nerves as a traditional tattoo would.

Most people compare the sensations of eyebrows being microbladed to a scratchy feeling.

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My name is Brenda Swanson and I’ve been a Registered Nurse for over 30 years. I am passionate about helping people boost their confidence and self esteem, and started my second career as a Semi Permanent Makeup Artist in 2016. As the owner of Ageless Beauty Semi Permanent Makeup Clinic, I continue to perfect and learn the newest techniques in the industry.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about microblading, I would love to hear from you!